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Vehicle Health Check at Devco M.V.S

Here at DEVCO M.V.S Ltd we offer a free Vehicle Health Check

If you are interested in having a health check on your vehicle or have any questions please contact us through the Vehicle Health Check form above or call us today on 01884 254318

What's included in a vehicle health check?

Many areas of your car will be thoroughly checked over by our trained technicians, these include;

  • Bodywork
  • Brakes (visual only)
  • Tyres
  • Exhaust
  • Steering
  • Suspension
  • Lights
  • Fluid Level

Reason's for a health check

  • Peace of mind between service intervals
  • To keep you safe as the seasons change
  • Reassurance before embarking on a long journey
  • Addressing any potential MOT failures prior to your test

Simple checks - that will save you money and keep your vehicle on the road 

It's important to DEVCO that we help you to keep your car or van on the road. Our role goes beyond simply servicing, maintenance, repair and MOT because often simple checks on your vehicle can prevent mechanical and electrical problems and save you money on repair costs.

DEVCO MVS are here to help you with 5 simple checks you can do regularly and quickly at home that will help keep you on the road, and help prevent a breakdown or MOT failure.

  • Tyres - Tyre pressures, legal tread limits, even tyre wear, damaged or aged tyre rubber
  • Brakes - Longer stopping distances, noises on braking, and appearance of the brake disc
  • Lights - Systematically check each set of lights for even beam
  • Wipers - Check your wipers can clear a spray of water evenly and quickly
  • Warning Lights - No warning lights should remain on or flicker when the engine is running

Step 1: Check your tyres

The main cause for MOT failure is tyres below the minimum legal limit of 1.6mm, which also risks 3 penalty points on your driver's licence and a £2,500 fine for each tyre below the limit. Tyres with good tread depth and good overall tyre health are vital for keeping grip, particularly when cornering on roundabouts or stopping at junctions and traffic lights. 

Penalties are severe for an illegal tyre because tyre grip affects stopping distances - especially in the wet when a worn tyre can take twice the stopping distance of a new tyre. 

The check - 

Check your tyre pressures regularly using an airline, and replace the dust-caps when finished - ensure tyres are inflated to the recommended pressure for speed and loading of your normal driving. Tyre pressure details are in your vehicle handbook, if you are unsure call DEVCO on 01884 254318 and we will be happy to check for you. Underinflated tyres affect vehicle handling and can reduce fuel efficiency. 

Check the tyres outside wall, any visible cracks in the tyre wall indicate ageing of the rubber which could affect the tyre strength. Heavy curbing of the wheel could be a warning sign of tyre damage too. Check the tyre wear against the minimum legal limit wear bars - these are raised sections between the tread which indicate 2.0mm on tyres manufactured in the UK. If the tyre tread is near or below the tyre wear bar, your tyres need a professional check at DEVCO. 

Check for uneven tyre wear, if one side of the tyre is wearing more heavily you may need an alignment check - which may save you the cost of having to replace front tyres. 

Top Tip: Park your vehicle with the wheels turned slightly, take a look at the tread and wear bars, check your tyre pressure at least monthly. 

*Don't forget, if you have any problems doing these checks yourself, we are here to help. Contact us here at DEVCO. 

Step 2: Check your brakes

Modern cars are fitted with a range of braking safety technology, ABS (Anti-lock braking), EBD (Electronic Brake Distribution) and ESP (Electronic Stability Programme) among others. 

For vehicles with rear drum brakes, brake shoes which stick on could reduce your fuel economy. 

The check - is your car or van taking longer to stop, or making noises under braking?

Look at the brake disc, are there heavy grooves, only if the disc is cold - run your finger over the disc to the edge - is there a big lip at the edge which indicates the disc has worn down? 

DEVCO offer a free brake check to all car and van owners. If you notice your brakes feel spongy, or take longer to stop, you sense unevenness in braking, juddering, grinding or squeaking under braking, call us immediately for a free brake safety check. 

Top Tip: When going down a hill, change down a gear to use engine braking which will reduce the braking effort required and help protect your brake pads and brake discs. 

*Don't forget, if you have any problems doing these checks yourself, we are here to help. Contact us here at DEVCO. 

Step 3: Check your lights

Correct operation of lights is important for accident prevention, and is a common cause of MOT failure. Fitting the wrong bulb could 'blind' oncoming drivers or give an uneven beam which affects your own visibility at night or in fog. Many people only discover a lighting problem when other drivers 'flash' their lights - by which is often exactly when you need to see and be seen. 

The check - 

When it is dark, or in an underground/multi-storey car park with the engine running, turn on side lights, then headlights, fog lights, indicators and check each time the beams of light change evenly left and right - if there is a significant difference between left and right beams, ask DEVCO to check your lights and recommend any replacements - these can often be fitted while you wait for maximum convenience. Check indicators give an orange light, if they show white they will fail an MOT (called delaminating - when the orange coating erodes). Ideally get out of the vehicle with all the lights on and check yourself - making sure you are in a secure area.

For rear lights, ask someone else to check the same process as you turn on each set of lights in turn, checking the reverse and brake lights (don't forget the high level brake light) and the number plate lights. 

Top Tip: Start your car with the lights and air conditioning off to protect your battery from a high load on start up.  

*Don't forget, if you have any problems doing these checks yourself, we are here to help. Contact us here at DEVCO. 

Step 4: Check your wipers

Wipers clear your front and rear windscreens of rain, road grease - more in the extremes of winter and summer temperatures. Fitting the right wipers to your car or van ensures your screen clears properly in all seasons, and prevents juddering, squeaking, or smearing which often happens with cheap or incorrect wiper blades. The latest blades have no wiper arm which reduces wind resistance, noise and improves contact with the screen. Good vision contributes to you being a safer driver. 

The check - when you spray water on the screen do your wipers clear all the water - or are there patches of damp left on the screen? Look at the ends of the blades, are they torn or worn? 

Top Tip: Always check your washer bottle is full, and contains screen wash which helps prevent the water freezing in winter and clear road grease in all weathers and bugs in summer.  

*Don't forget, if you have any problems doing these checks yourself, we are here to help. Contact us here at DEVCO. 

Step 5: Get any dashboard warning lights diagnosed

Modern cars come with more technology and computing power than the first spaceship! The on-board computers store faults, and causes in them which DEVCO can read with their diagnostics computers which help our highly trained technicians trace and diagnose the fault to its cause which allow us to cost effectively solve the cause of a problem without needing to replace unnecessary parts. 

If you have any warning lights on your dashboard they are a safety warning to you as a driver that your car or van has a problem which could result in breakdown or potential loss of control. If you have warning lights on your vehicle, contact DEVCO for a diagnostic check and repair using trained technicians who can save you money by replacing or repairing the right part first time. 

Top Tip: Press the button on the right hand side (windscreen washer) stalk until a fault menu is displayed which normally reads "No Message". If it displays "Check Brakes" or any other message, call DEVCO and let us know the details and change in driving performance and we will book an appointment to diagnose your vehicle using our diagnostics.  

*Don't forget, if you have any problems doing these checks yourself, we are here to help. Contact us here at DEVCO. 

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