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Air Conditioning at Devco M.V.S Ltd

If your car or van is fitted with air-conditioning you’ll know the year round benefits of maintaining a cool temperature in your vehicle.

Air-conditioning (or air-con) is not just for comfort. By keeping the cabin temperature cool in summer, air-conditioning contributes to driver alertness and therefore driving safety too. It is an all year round benefit - during winter months air-conditioning helps heat up a cabin to defrost windows quickly to get you on your way. It also clears mist from the inside of the windscreen quickly to give you a safe view of the road ahead.

We recommend an air-conditioning system check with every service. 


A pollen filter is fitted between the air conditioning unit and the cabin. The filter removes particles in the air including pollen, exhaust fumes, dust and more. These particles are trapped in the pollen filter – preventing them entering the cabin. . A new pollen filter allows air to pass through it quickly. A used filter in need of replacement will appear dirty and may restrict the flow of air through the filter. Replacing the pollen filter allows air into the cabin quickly and places less strain on the air-conditioning system. 

If your air-conditioning takes a long time to heat or cool your vehicle, or just doesn’t perform as well as used to let DEVCO MVS Ltd check your Air-conditioning and pollen filter for £44. If the air-conditioning just doesn’t work its more than likely just in need of a re-gas which can often be carried out while you wait from just £110.

Remember when you book a service with DEVCO MVS Ltd we offer:

12 months guarantee; 

Our work includes a 12 month parts and labour guarantee.

Software Upgrade Check; 

Checked against Renault Systems for free upgrades.

Vehicle Health Check; 

Peace of mind of the condition of your vehicle.

Car Washed and Cleaned; 

Returning your car in its best possible condition.

Waiting Facilities; 

Refreshments, Newspapers and WiFi.

Courtesy Vehicles; 

Subject to Advance Booking, availability and Driving Licence.

Collect and Deliver; 

Locally, from your home or work for ultimate convenience while your vehicle is with us.


Can transport you locally to a destination of your choice. 


To book your vehicle in for an air-conditioning check with a trained technician or call 01884 254318 to speak to a Service Advisor.